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6 Tips On Buying A Used Motorcycle

posted Dec 17, 2017, 1:23 AM by Silvio Vincini   [ updated Dec 20, 2017, 8:24 PM ]

What To Look Out For When Buying a Used Motorcycle

Are you looking for a second hand used bike? It can be a daunting task in buying a second-hand bike, as you are not completely sure what you are getting. Before buying a second-hand bike, consider these key points shared by some experts in the field. 

Do Thorough Research

Before buying any vehicle or machinery, it is always advisable to do some research. Machinery changes from time to time. You must know in advance about the model you are going to buy - how popular is it among consumers, its features, engine capacity, maintenance cost, model parts and more.

Research is key in the beginning stages, read discussions on forums, Facebook pages, motorcycle websites and blogs (like this one). You can also talk to expert motorcycle instructors in Perth and then buy a second-hand bike at a low price if possible.

motorcycle inspection

Carefully Consider Photographs 

When someone posts an advertisement of a second-hand motorbike, you may easily get fooled by generic pictures that have just been used for the purpose of the advert. Quite often, you need to be careful as the posted pictures can be different from the original condition of the second-hand motorbike.

On the other hand, some pictures may show you the original condition of the bike like worn tyres, visible scratches on the panel etc. In both cases, ask for a price negotiation based on the cost of the repairs.

motorcycle tyres

Gather Some History Before the Actual Inspection

Before going to inspect the second-hand motorcycle directly, it is always advisable to read about its history- its demand in the market, its reviews, current cost and future cost if you happen to sell it.

Is the Engine Case Warm? 

When you are negotiating with the second-hand bike seller, feel the engine cases of the motorcycle. If it is warm, then there may be some issues with the bike that the seller is hiding which is why they may have heated up the bike before showing it to you.

You can ask them directly and their paused response will convey if there is something wrong. Better, if you call them in advance to not start the bike before you arrive. This way you can see how much time it takes to start and if it creates a disturbing noise.

Look at the Condition

Now you must assess the condition of the bike. Put the bike on the centre stand to see if its straight and if the wheels are lined up. A straight bike shows that it has been driven less and has a good lifespan. If it does not have a centre stand, set the bike on the paddock stand and notice if the forks are parallel and whether the rear wheel is working properly.

In addition, check the condition of sprockets and if the chain has any strain. Motorcycle tyres are expensive, so it’s worth it to take as long as you need to assess the condition of the motorcycle's tyres before buying it. Sometimes, the tyres look new but they may not work as good as they look on the road.

motorcycle condition 
Take a Ride

To check the actual condition of the bike, make sure you take the motorcycle for a proper test ride before buying it. This way you can find if there are any mechanical issues occurring with the tyres, speed, noise and brake response. 

The suggestions mentioned in this post are just some of the aspects to look out for before buying a second-hand bike. It’s important to do your research and get as much feedback as you can.

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