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"I have a 95% success rate in
passing licensed practical riding tests"

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Motorcycle Lessons Perth & Motorcycle Training

Motorcycle Lessons Perth

My name is Silvio and I provide professional motorcycle lessons in Perth. I am a personal motorcycle instructor that provides 1 on 1 motorcycle training lessons with excellent results - 95% of my students pass their practical tests with me. 

I am a qualified motorcycle training instructor licensed by the Department of Transport (DOT) of Perth, Western Australia, with over 40 years of riding experience. Motorbike and Motorcycle lessons operate from Perth, Willagee & City West, at the Department of Transport hubs, and this is where students will have motorbike or motorcycle lessons, learn the circuits and ideally take your practical tests.

motorcycle lessons perth

Never Been on a Motorcycle or Scooter Before?

All lessons and training courses are conducted with your safety in mind, whether you are a beginner motorcycle rider, learner, or intermediate, we set a motorcycle safety foundation from the beginning through to completion. As a motorcycle instructor in Perth, I will help you gain the confidence required and assist in choosing the right motorcycle to conduct training sessions while you learn at your own pace. Please see our Videos & Resources for more information for more information on our motorcycle safety course. 

RE and R Class motorcycles are provided, with intercom helmets and wet weather gear (if required).

I keep up to date with the routes and requirements of the DOT and will teach you what you need to know to pass the practical riding test. As a motorcycle instructor, my primary aim is to help you to pass your practical riding test and keep you riding safely. We will equip you with the required, protective gear such as gloves, eye protection, a motorcycle helmet, a jacket, and of course the skill set to successfully get you started. Book your lesson now. 

Before undertaking motorcycle lessons, you should carefully consider and gather information on the motorcycle instructor you decide to use for your first lesson. That's why reviews and testimonials are so important, giving students this credibility and reassurance from the beginning is key. I’m a mature motorcycle instructor with more than 10 years of training full time. 

This gives me a significant amount of experience as I have dealt with all sorts of students and understand how to cater my training techniques for each individual. I follow my protocol very precisely to make sure you learn to ride a motorbike correctly. I will teach you skills to use not only to pass your PDA but to make you a skillful, experienced motorcyclist. Please refer to my reviews from my previous students.

What Made You Become a Motorcycle Instructor?

As someone who’s been riding all my life, I had never imagined seeing myself as a full-time motorcycle instructor. Ten years ago, I spoke with a friend about obtaining a motorcycle license in WA. 

At the time, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to have some fun, and help others obtain their license. 

So, I decided to follow all the guides necessary to becoming a motorcycle instructor. For something that started off as a hobby, it’s now my full-time job and career. One of the greatest things is getting to meet and help so many people through my motorcycle lessons in Perth. For the benefits of motorcycle riding, read our page on why you should ride motorcycles today. 

For more detailed information on our motorcycle lessons in Perth, please contact us. You can also check out our Blog for the latest updates on Motorcycle trainingmotorcycle safetymotorcycle tips and more.

Motorcycle Lessons / Motorcycle Training Perth

Motorcycle lessons and Motorcycle training Perth for 
Motorcycles up to 650cc (RE License)
Motorcycle lessons and Motorcycle training Perth for 
Motorcycles over 650cc (R Unrestricted)
Motorcycle lessons and Motorcycle training Perth for 
Scooters 50cc (RN License)
Motorcycle lessons and Motorcycle training Perth for 

Recent Reviews

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  • Silvio is professional instructor who teaches very well........ Silvio is professional instructor who teaches very well. All the details you need to know for test and your ride. I never rode a bike before. He trained me well ...
    Posted Sep 28, 2017, 6:02 PM by Silvio Vincini
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Motorcycle Lessons Perth

Why do I need to learn from a Licensed Motorcycle Instructor?

Quite often, I will see people who can ride a bike attempt to do the PDA by them-self, only to come back 10 minutes later with a fail. Yes, you can self-teach yourself from resources on the internet about what you need to pass your PDA, however, not all the information you read might be correct. An important thing to keep in mind is that an instructor can teach you 1-on-1 and assess your progress step-by-step, whereas an online resource can only introduce you and advise you on general tips. I highly recommend anyone looking to learn how to ride to take professional motorcycle lessons from an experienced instructor.

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